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Tempo Storm home page. Effective immediately, the organization previously known as Tempo Storm has fallen permanently under the HEARTHSTONE. Tempo StormTempo StormTempo StormTempo Storm. Tempo Storm is a Hearthstone team formed by popular streamer and player Reynad. Tempo Storm is a professional esports organization featuring some of the best players and casters in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, The Fighting Game. tempo storm hearthstone Follow us Twitter Facebook Youtube Twitch GitHub. Retrieved from " http: It's back to good old Shaman where they are slow yeah. Just switched to another game, but old hs friends saying it's a really good meta. Reynad called it early in the expansion. Mage now dominates arena and constructed, because it turns out that OP random effects are preeeeeety good! My list differs from this one by one card I play 1x Devolve and 1x Thalnos instead of 2x Devolve but it is a seriously good deck. May 25th - Tempo Storm officially launches with their website and Lord of the Arena. Eater of secrets in every deck? Tech more early game. It is such a degenerate deck, but it doesn't fit well into my way of playing HS. Get In Touch We are here to help you! Aside from discovering strong class taunt, stonehill is good for repopulating the board after a clear to gain max value from flametongue. Free losses every 5 games feels bad. Still doesn't help if they go "ice to meet you" for 4 turns into vanish. That card single handedly wins games. About Privacy policy About Liquipedia - The Hearthstone Encyclopedia Disclaimers Contact us Send an Email Post Feedback Chat with us. Depending on what deck I'm piloting I'm usually happy to see Control Paladin over Murloc. Twenty20 are using an outdated browser. The Arena Coop 1d 6h 19m Co-op Arena Runs with Coaching Commentary. Devolve just cockblocks them like nothing. Priest runs potion of madness now which people used to think was bad for some reason. But until ungoro the purify priest was a joke and only really usable for the memes. I don't think I've seen many Token Shamans on ladder either though, but maybe I should check that deck out as well and see if it really is stronger! Also some people heavily tech against Aggro so it's just free wins for them at the expense of other matchups. Tempo Storm is a Hearthstone team formed by popular streamer and player Reynad. Druid feels less consistent to me I don't always understand the hate. Because it's pretty mediocre at higher ranks.

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Hearthstone - Team Liquid vs. Tempo Storm - Hearthstone Trinity Series - Day 12