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After months in office the stock market crashed and the nation fell into a deep depression. Hoover tried to cut taxes and expand public spending while keeping. People in The Great Depression. Brief biographies of key people. who became a national celebrity during the s by hosting a popular radio broadcast. The Great Depression and the New Deal changed everyday life for people in both overt and subtle ways. Click image to enlarge. (Courtesy of the Museum of. Jack London - Author of many novels about the vast Western frontiers, such as Call of the Wild. My father, Bill, recalls being startled by loud cheering in the school nearby. The scheme worked until the Crash of , when American banks no longer wanted to loan Germany money. A act that established pensions for the elderly, handicapped, and unemployed. A tariff passed by Congress and Herbert Hoover in that raised the tax on foreign goods to nearly 60 percent. The period immediately after the Russian Revolution of in which Americans feared that a similar Communist revolution might happen on U.

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Sara Lerner: Growing up during the Great Depression She helped African Americans get their education so that they can find jobs during the Great Depression. Japanese Americans in the Northwest, , by Yukio Maeda During the Depression, many Japanese Americans in the Northwest began to embrace both Japanese and American cultures, nurtured cross-cultural social life, carved out economic sectors for themselves, and created political organizations with active participation in local cities and towns. Born in Lakewood , CA Jack London - Author of many novels about the vast Western frontiers, such as Call of the Wild. Introduction The Great Depression The Dust Bowl Public Enemy 1 The Bonus Army. As a result, the stock market underwent rapid expansion, reaching its peak in August Val Kilmer - Actor who is famous for roles in The Saint, Top Gun and Tombstone.

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A Warm Roosevelt Welcome 3min. We speak tech Site Map Help About Us Advertisers Jobs Partners Affiliates Terms of Use Privacy. An act passed in to permit Native American tribal councils to own land. Prohibition remained in effect for fourteen years, until it was repealed in by the ratification of the Twenty-First Amendment. Menu Discover Does God Exist Scientifically? After months in office the stock market crashed and the nation fell into a deep depression. The act limited the total number of immigrants admitted annually from each country to 3 percent of the number of persons from that country living in the United States in Also known as the National Labor Relations Act , the passage of the act was a momentous day for American laborers and initiated a series of strikes throughout the country. Are you living in a literary dystopia? Of those lucky enough to have consistent work, more than half were reduced to part-time schedules. Ben Nighthorse Campbell - First Native American to serve in the U. Take a Study Break!

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Joe DiMaggio - Famous baseball player who won two batting championships and three MVP awards. Though there had been devastating economic depressions before, the s crisis encompassed both urban and rural regions and devastated middle-class and working-class people alike. Hundreds of American Communist Party and Socialist Party members were arrested. Shacks and shanties, Hoovervilles, provided shelter for destitute families. Like other resource dependent communities in Washington State, the town of Raymond struggled during the Great Depression. people during the great depression Doolittle - Air force general who led the first carrier-based bomber attack on mainland Japan in Roosevelt held the presidency from AroundFranklin D. A constitutional amendment ratified poker schulen to repeal the Eighteenth Amendmentwhich had initiated Prohibition. Robert Frost - One of America's leading 20th-century poets and a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize.